# Overview

PHION as model, relies on writing scripts for the various window managers there are available since, there no way to generalize the process of ricing across multiple multiple window managers. So that means that we would need to write custom scripts for all Window Managers which is certainly not a one man job.

I'm an i3-gaps person and quite versed with it, but haven't touched any other wm, except for awesome. So this is one area that the community would need to contribute to.

Writing script in itself shouldn't be that hard of a thing as it mainly is moving and linking files around within the $HOME/.config directory.

# Currently Supported WMs

The early builds for PHION would include support for quite a few window managers, but expect the number to grow as the project matures with time. I plan on supporting the following WMs initially:

  • i3wm
  • QTile
  • Bspwm

# Currently Supported Applications/Tools

For programs the list goes like this:

  • kitty
  • Polybar
  • Rofi
  • Dunst
  • Picom (maybe, idk)
  • GTK Themes

Once a boilerplate for the scripts comes out explaining what they need to do, feel free to submit an issue and pull request for support for your favorite window manager and program.

# macOS

Ahh yes, macOS. This is complicated territory. Firstly, as far as I know, there are only so many third-party window managers for macOS. I have had macOS as a daily driver quite a while but never looked into macOS specific window managers mainly because of complexity of installation.

*While we can plan on having packages for yabai and all, but creating scripts for automatic installation can get problematic, mainly because of lack of knowledge and interest. I don't own a mac right now, nor do I plan on getting one anytime soon. However, contributed to, PHION will also feature packages for UNIX based rices.

# Windows

Nope, not gonna happen anytime soon 😄

* This statement was from me and not on behalf of anyone else.